Pep Ventura was launched 1992, by co-founders Danny Owen and Pamela Steele. Originally an extension of their broadcasting careers, Pep Ventura has evolved into a full service creative, recording, sound, and visual design complex. The studio's reputation has blossomed, due to high profile clients, such as Dr. Phil McGraw, Nickelodeon, A&E, Simon and Schuster, The Discovery Channel, ABC Radio Networks, Time Life Books, Verizon, American Airlines, Texas Motor Speedway, and Dallas Mavericks.

Pep Ventura has recently added full surround audio mixing capabilities to its repertoire, commercial video production and editing, and a full-service visual design studio to offer a vast array of creative solutions.

Upon entering Pep Ventura for the first time, clients usually ask , "Where does the studio name come from?" "Pep Ventura" is the last stop on the yellow line of the Barcelona subway system.

Pep Ventura is located in the Dallas Communications Complex.




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phone: 972-401-8070

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